The team in Montreal has been busy, as the new Flame 2018.3 release brings a host of new features to the software. Here’s a quick list of the new additions, followed by video overviews of the new features.

. Action Selectives: Allows you to create 2D isolations on surfaces or in cameras, and then create an isolation effects pipeline using Matchbox shaders.
. Motion Warp Tracking: You can now generate motion vectors directly from the Motion Vector Map objects by using the new Analysis mode. In this mode, the expected input is a regular RGB image sequence, similar to what is used in the Motion Analysis node in Batch.
. 360° VR Viewing Mode: The new 360 VR mode in the Player and Multiview viewports allows you to visualize a latitude/longitude image, and navigate interactively, within a 360-degree environment.
. Python: A Flame Python Console is now available from the Flame menu. This means that a Shotgun subscription is no longer required to use the Python API.
. Python: Numerous improvements and additions have been made to the Python API (API reference doc here).
. HDR Waveform Monitoring: Set viewport to show luminance waveform; red, green, blue (RGB) parade; color vectorscope or 3D cube; and monitor a range of HDR and wide color gamut (WCG) color spaces including Rec2100 PQ, Rec2020 and DCI P3
. Shotgun Software Loader: Load assets for a shot and build custom batches via Flame’s Python API, and browse a Shotgun project for a filtered view of individual shots
. Projector matte render: A new Projectors Matte render pass is available in the Primary Output and Render Passes sections of the Output menu. This output contains the Projector matte projection result of the current Render Layer.
. Projector improvement: You can now connect a Projector to a Camera. This parenting allows the Projector to default to the FOV, Near, Far, and transformation of the Camera
. Multi-channel EXR export: A Multi-Channel option has been added in Media Export, for the OpenEXR file format. When enabled, all Versions tracks of a clip are used to create a Multi-Channel OpenEXR file

Flame software on OSX is now available for members of fxphd. We have a ton of great flame courses in our lineup, which you can check out on our courses page.


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